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Provost’s Memorials is a family owned and operated business providing custom cemetery monuments and unique gravestones throughout Southern Maine. We have carried on the tradition of designing and selling monuments for almost 100 years. Thousands of memorial owners continue to appreciate the careful craftsmanship we put into each memorial stone, cemetery monument, and pet headstones. We take pride in honoring our veterans with carefully designed memorial gravestones.  

Provost's Memorials vows to help you honor your loved ones for generations to come. Choose from beautiful granite or marble colors for your family memorial stone. We believe in quality craftsmanship of all monuments and headstones that leave our shop.  

  • Any stone... Any Language... Anywhere
  • Custom designed monuments & markers
  • Granite memorial benches
  • Granite cremation memorials
  • Granite, marble vases & urns
  • Craftsmanship for a lifetime


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